Corrosion is the most common time-dependent threat for pipelines. Managing this threat is critical in ensuring the future integrity of a pipeline. For effective corrosion management, the cause of the corrosion must be known, and reliable estimates of the corrosion growth rate are critical.


With the premium Corrosion Growth Assessment service, CGApro, ROSEN supports pipeline operators by providing the critical analyses.

CGApro is the right choice for a holistic diagnosis of corrosion based on design and operational data, flow assurance models, corrosion modelling software, cathodic protection analysis, coating evaluation, inline inspection results, and comparisons between inspections. After identifying the causes of corrosion, ROSEN experts support operators with recommendations for mitigation, control, and monitoring. CGApro is supported by Automated Signal Correlation and Normalization process, AutoSCAN, which precisely matches metal loss indications between two axial field magnetic flux leakage (MFL-A) inspections using pattern recognition technology.

CGApro offers unrivalled support to operators, not only highlighting peak activity within a pipeline, but also providing a full and accurate corrosion growth rate distribution, which can be used to estimate the pipeline’s remaining life and support life extension initiatives.