Together with a strong technical partner, the ROSEN Group strengthens integrity efforts in Nigeria.

In today’s global environment, the need for the ideal management of oil and gas assets is ever rising. Tolerance for imperfection has reached an ultimate low. As a group, ROSEN aims to offer ideal solutions for the integrity management of oil and gas assets. This often requires not only delivering the technology and hardware for solutions in integrity management but the sharing of knowledge and the development of long-standing partnerships. A technical partnership to highlight is the one with DSV Pipetronix (DSV) in Nigeria.

Challenging environment 

Working in Nigeria poses a variety of challenges. The systems are aging, and access is difficult due to the swampy areas, high humidity, heat and sometimes heavy rain showers that come with the region’s geography. Operating conditions are often difficult, and cleanliness is a challenge on its own. In summary, the Nigerian market is very demanding, and organizing and executing complex integrity projects is difficult. Despite these challenges, the ROSEN and DSV partnership has proven to be very successful. The partnership has existed for 15 years, and approximately 300 inspections have been completed since its conception.

Growing strong together

This growing partnership creates a variety of asset management opportunities for operators in the region. Combining local knowledge regarding the work environment and customs with the technology and know-how portfolio of the ROSEN Group creates a unique offering.

Increasing integrity efforts

Because of the strong relationship and investments in future growth, the partnership now holds an estimated 70% market share. To ensure this growth-trend continues, the ROSEN workshop in Port Harcourt, the heart of Nigerian oil and gas production, was expanded and upgraded. In addition, to tap into and expand local potential and knowledge, more than 20 local engineers were trained through ROSEN’s facilities in the Netherlands to support the operations. This provided the local force with the only fully trained level-two service engineers in the area. The combination of state-of-the art inspection solutions supported by a strong local technical partner and newly available local knowledge shows the ROSEN commitment to delivering premium integrity services and ultimately to bolstering the integrity efforts and operators in the region.


Today, ROSEN and DSV conduct approximately 30 pipeline inspections annually, and we predict this figure to increase by approximately 30%. A few success stories to date include the first inspection of a deep-water pipeline as well as the inspection of Nigeria’s longest pipeline. The ROSEN Group looks forward to more successes in the region.