Ten teams from six regional schools participated in the exciting competition, the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL), hosted by the ROSEN Group. The motto "Into Orbit - Life and Travel in Space" was carried throughout the day’s activities, which took place at the Innovation Center in Lingen, Germany.

For several months, the group of around 100 students have been busy developing research projects and programming self-made LEGO robots. Each team had the task of developing a solution to help an astronaut overcome a physical or social challenge in a space mission. The teams presented their projects and demonstrated their robot’s capabilities to a panel of ROSEN employees. The three best teams were then selected to participate on the big stage in the robot games, putting their robots through the ultimate test in a challenging obstacle course.

This spirited competition encourages youth to use creativity, technology and team spirit to accomplish tasks and overcome challenges. “As a technology company, we are delighted that these kids are so ambitious and have fun with the challenges," said Patrik Rosen, a representative of the family ownership. "The FIRST® LEGO® League provides us with the ideal environment to help get kids and teens excited about technology and science," he explained.

Prizes were awarded to the best teams in the categories of “research project,” “robot design,” “team skills” and “robot games.” In addition, two special “ROSEN” prizes were awarded for outstanding achievements in the categories of "creativity" and "can-do."

The regional competition in Lingen is organized in cooperation with HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V., the official organizer of the FLL in Europe. The winning team of the regional competition qualifies for the Semi-Final West competition on January 20th 2019, in Aachen, Germany. The European finals will take place in Austria.