The children from the ROSEN daycare center, ROKIDS, and the ROSEN bilingual elementary school, ROBIGS, together with the apprentices of the ROSEN Group in Lingen, took initiative in the Christmas campaign, “Children Helping Children.” Together, they collected 250 Christmas gifts for underprivileged children from the local region, and gave an additional donation of 1,500 euros to charitable organizations that help support children and families.

The wishes of the children were collected by the local youth welfare office, and passed on to the ROSEN Group in Lingen. The ROSEN apprentices hung stars, each representing one Christmas wish, on trees placed around the Innovation Center and surrounding production buildings. The employees of the ROSEN Group could take a star from one of the trees and choose to donate the corresponding gift. Esther Tegeder, a ROSEN apprentice representing the group helping with the initiative, said, "The action is now being held for the third time. Due to the enthusiastic participation of our colleagues, we were happy to be able to increase the number of Christmas requests this year from 200 to 250."

The hand-over of the gifts and the donation took place at the Innovation Center of the ROSEN Group in Lingen. On the day of the hand-over, the ROSEN apprentices baked waffles for their colleagues in exchange for a voluntary donation. This donated sum was then doubled by the ROSEN Group. "We, as a company, would like to contribute to this campaign as well, by doubling the donations," said Patrik Rosen, owner-family representative. He went on to explain his delight with the initiative, β€œIt's really great to see how committed our colleagues are to this campaign. A special thanks to our apprentices and to the children from ROKIDS and ROBIGS, who have shown their dedication to this cause and provided excellent organization.”

The ROKIDS and ROBIGS children also gathered at the Innovation Center during the exchange, and sang Christmas carols. ROBIGS Headmistress, Tanja Pavlitzek, expressed the importance of the children being involved in this project, "With this action, we want to show the children that it is not a given that all children are doing as well as they are. They should learn how important it is to give, especially at Christmas time.”