The ROSEN-hosted Innovation Summits take place around the globe and consist of lectures, workshops and panel discussions packed full with topics focusing on the future of pipeline integrity. Industry experts initiate and drive the content of these events.

In the October 2017 event hosted in Mexico City, for example, the keynote speakers were; Chris Bloomer President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA), David Madero (Head of CENAGAS), and Phil Hopkins (Member of Advisory Committee). 

With a zero-incident mindset, the Innovation Summits confront various topics. Some items discussed at the summit in Brisbane, in August 2017, included advancements in manufacturing capabilities, optimized pipeline cleaning, the EMAT technology and its potential, corrosion growth assessment and predictive growth, and the inspection of challenging (unpiggable) pipelines.  All-in-all, the aim is to come together with stakeholders from the entire industry to address the future of asset care and how we strive to optimize it.

We look forward to more Innovation Summits and to the valuable input and discussions to be worked out together.