20-22 March 2018 — ROSEN’s experts were on location at StocExpo 2018 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, showing how tank terminal operators can achieve their asset integrity goals with ROSEN by their side.

The leading damage mechanism affecting assets in the processing industry is corrosion. Some asset areas, such as tank bottoms, are particularly susceptible to metal loss and therefore require constant monitoring. Other areas are less obviously threatened and more difficult to access, such as the interface between the piping and pipe supports. This is why at StocExpo 2018, ROSEN showcased services that help operators manage the threat of corrosion in their processing assets: Tank Bottom Inspection, Risk-based Inspection, and the detection of Corrosion under Pipe Supports.

Inspection expert Leon de Ridder and Integrity expert Richard Elsdon, part of ROSEN’s team in attendance at the event, helped to explain how ROSEN supports tank terminal operators cope with today’s challenges in the tank terminal industry.

Leon de Ridder explained the responsibility that operators have to safely operate their assets. He said, “The only way to ensure the safety of a storage tank is to perform a tank bottom inspection prior to any leakages or failures.” He went on to explain how ROSEN approaches the inspection of these assets, “We conduct tank bottom inspections using a high-resolution MFL and Eddy Current tank bottom inspection tool. With its good sizing capabilities and repeatability, there is less surface preparation required. We are able to deliver the client a preliminary report before we leave the tank terminal site.”

Richard Elsdon discussed how to ensure the maximum effectiveness of each inspection. He said, “Start with a risk-based inspection assessment in order to optimize inspection activities. This is done by assessing the risks present and, based on these, defining a detailed inspection plan that keeps risk as low as reasonably practicable.” He goes on to explain, “A risk-based inspection is about defining the right place (location), the right type (inspection technology) and the right time (inspection intervals) of inspection to ensure the maximum value is achieved.”

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The StocExpo is an annual conference and exhibition that brings terminal operators and service providers together to gain insight on the terminal market, including operational health and safety and innovative new technologies. For more information, visit their website.