“Serving the Pipeline Network — On the Road to Zero Incidents,“ was our motto at this year’s International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, AB, Canada, where thousands of pipeline professionals from all around the world convened for valuable knowledge exchange.

Besides the continuous development of innovative products and services to make asset integrity management ever more effective and efficient for operators, serving the pipeline network to ROSEN also means taking a lead in bringing together the key stakeholders of the industry. We are convinced that even the most sophisticated technical solutions can never be more than part of the solution. We believe that it is first and foremost the people who are able to secure a safe future.

One example of this effort was certainly the intriguing Executive Panel discussion moderated by ROSEN’s own Chris Yoxall. Following the IPC 2018 theme of “Building the Future Now,” this forum addressed challenges such as regulations and the changing regulatory environment, technology and innovation in the pipeline industry and its public perception. Featuring distinguished leaders from the pipeline industry, the discussion focused on the collaborative efforts that must be undertaken to reach our common goal of Zero Incidents.

The active involvement in various industry events and expert panels that address the issue of combining our efforts for the advancement of the entire oil and gas industry reflects our commitment to connecting representatives of different fields of expertise as well as different interest groups. Joining forces to pave the way for a Zero Incidents mindset is a notion that drives a major part of our activities.

Our biennial international in-house event, the ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum (REIF), addresses key decision makers in the oil and gas industry. It is intended to provide a platform for the open exchange of ideas and concepts between the key stakeholders in our industry, namely operators, service and technology providers, and regulators. In a similar way, the ROSEN Innovation Summits, which regularly take place all over the world, consist of lectures, workshops and panel discussions packed with topics focusing on the future of pipeline integrity. As with REIF, the aim here is to come together with stakeholders from the entire industry to address the future of asset care and how we strive to optimize it.

Furthermore, with memberships at the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA), the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) as well as the European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG), ROSEN is the only service provider who is actively engaged in the work of all three leading industry research bodies. Finally, our recently launched integrity management solution NIMA is conceptualized in a way that it fosters easy and efficient collaboration between operators, consultants and regulators.

These are only a few examples where ROSEN aims to serve the pipeline network by fostering knowledge exchange and active collaboration between different industry stakeholders. As Hermann Rosen, founder and CEO of the ROSEN Group, explains:
It is my firm belief that all of us can only meet future requirements placed on our industry, with all the increasing complexity involved, by cooperating and understanding each other better.

The IPC Executive Panel (f.l.t.r.): Carl Weimer (Executive Director, Pipeline Safety Trust), Peter Watson (CEO/Chair, National Energy Board), Howard “Skip” Elliott (Administrator, PHMSA), Ian Anderson (President, Kinder Morgan Canada), Andy Drake (Vice President, Enbridge), and moderator Chris Yoxall (Executive Vice President, The ROSEN Group).