Created by Hermann Rosen, the ROSEN Energy and Innovation Forum aims to provide a platform for the open exchange of ideas and concepts between the key stakeholders in our industry: operators, service and technology providers, and regulators. On May 15 2018, this platform will take shape once again. This year’s topic is “Zero Incidents – Learning from Other Industries”.

The central theme chosen for REIF 2018 is a major diver in our industry and encompasses a broad scope not limited to merely accidents or failures. It is important to differentiate between zero accidents and zero incidents. Zero accidents refers to the absence of situations where an occurrence leads to an accident causing material and/or environmental damage, injuries, and — in the worst case — fatalities. Zero incidents refers to a mindset where there should be no occurrences that have a negative impact on the optimal operation of a system or a process. The operation of assets can be influenced by many factors, and incidents can be related to material or equipment malfunctions, incorrectly defined processes, or simply human failure, i.e. the people involved unintentionally doing something incorrectly. Understanding these factors makes it clear that zero incidents is a mindset and an ultimate goal to strive for.

The concept of a zero-incidents mindset has already been applied in other industries for some time. Typical examples are the aviation industry, the nuclear industry, and the chemical industry. Additionally, this was one of the conference session and workshop conclusions from the last REIF in 2016, where it was determined that the pipeline industry is not yet working together effectively enough on a global scale. There is still a great deal of national and regional thinking with very little sharing of information, especially in regard to accidents within the industry. Since the aviation and nuclear industries have already overcome this issue to a large extent, the central theme title of the conference, “Zero Incidents”, was augmented by the subtitle, “Learning from Other Industries”.

The event details are as follows:
Date: May 15-17, 2018
Location: ROSEN Technology and Research Center, Am Seitenkanal 8,
49811 Lingen (Ems), Germany

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