As Oil & Gas exploration moves even farther and deeper offshore, pipeline operators worldwide tend to look closer at the future inspectability of the pipelines they are planning to build.

The Challenge

History has shown that the operating and pipeline conditions of older pipelines often prohibit or limit inline inspections (ILI), as these inspections have not been considered in the design phase of the pipelines.

ILI Concept Studies provides operators with the confidence that their pipeline design is ‘ILI-proof’ and compatible with thoroughly engineered, reviewed and tested ILI solutions, which will meet all of the operator’s requirements. The study results provide operators with the reassurance that all circumstances and options have been reviewed and the best option(s) have been put forward, taking into account commercial, as well as integrity and technological, aspects.

When performed in time, or prior to any pipeline installation, an ILI concept study will point out all limiting factors and provide the operator a concept at hand which they can use during the pipeline design phase — ensuring that ILI inspections can be conducted throughout the asset’s life span.

Our Solution

Gain exclusive insight into several concept studies, involving multi-diameter, high pressure and long distance pipeline systems.