The children of the ROSEN bilingual primary school ROBIGS and the ROKIDS day care center have once again committed themselves to helping disadvantaged children in the area. Together with ROSEN Group apprentices, they collected 2,000 euros and 300 gifts for the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Lingen and the Catholic Association for Social Services in Lingen.

To collect the gifts, the ROSEN apprentices and children of ROBIGS and ROKIDS crafted together 300 paper stars and hung them on the Christmas trees located around the ROSEN campus in Lingen, Germany. Each star represented the holiday wish of a child in need.

Collection of gifts

"The employees could take a star from the Christmas trees and donate the corresponding present," explained ROSEN apprentice Simon Herbers. "Four years ago, we started with 100 wishes. Due to the large participation, we have increased the number each year since. This year, we were able to fulfill 300 wishes!"

On the day of the gift handover, the ROSEN apprentices baked waffles for ROSEN employees in exchange for a voluntary donation. The sum of these donations was then doubled by ROSEN. Patrik Rosen, representative of the owning family, was pleased about this initiative: "I’m glad to see that the commitment of our trainees and children is renewed every year. And, just as our employees are motivated to contribute to this campaign, we, as a company, are also happy to support this."

The presentation of the wrapped gifts and donation took place in the Innovation Center of the ROSEN Group. During the presentation, the children from ROKIDS and ROBIGS sang carols. "The helpfulness of the children is really remarkable. They were eager to take part in the campaign," said headmistress Tanja Pavlitzek, praising the preschool and primary school children. "Such initiatives help to bring awareness that not all children in the world are so fortunate; not even here in Germany or our region. It is important for us to come together for these children — especially during the holiday season."