Our company philosophy is built around the strong belief of giving back. That is why we continuously look for ways to strengthen our engagement within the local communities and expand our social activities in each region. Take the Emsland scholarship for example. It is addressed to university students in the region of Lingen (Ems), Germany, who will, once awarded, receive a support of €100 per month for one year. The program mainly focuses on fostering the cooperation between the scholarship holders and the respective company. This year, ROSEN not only took part in the scholarship program, but also hosted the award ceremony in the Innovation Center in Lingen.


As a sponsoring company, we awarded scholarships to Kim Reincke (Communication Management), Marius Lüpken (Industrial Engineering) and Niklas Bruns (Business Informatics). They were chosen because of their outstanding performance in their studies as well as for their voluntary commitment in university and society. Many of the former scholarship holders have completed an internship or their thesis at our company. Some have even become members of the ROSEN family by starting to work as student trainees or full time employees.



Another great example of how ROSEN fosters young talents and newcomers to our industry is the International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) sponsorship program. Our business line Education Systems and Services (EDSS) is eager to expand its involvement in education and learning and has teamed up with IPLOCA on this occasion. IPLOCA is a forum for sharing ideas, engaging the industry and its stakeholders, facilitating business opportunities, and promoting high standards in the pipeline industry. Its 250 members, including ROSEN, are involved in onshore and offshore pipeline construction and operation. This can be challenging: onshore and offshore, the pipeline industry is facing geopolitical issues, inhospitable terrain, or the lack of qualified manpower.

The last point – lack of qualified manpower – is something that IPLOCA is trying to change with their scholarship program, assisting children and grandchildren of employees of their regular or associate members. The initiative provides financial assistance for them to continue their education in college, university or vocational school programs in any course of study, based on demonstrated academic achievement. IPLOCA member companies now also have the opportunity to offer such scholarships. ROSEN is one of three inaugural members who will be providing one of the sponsorships in a pipeline-related topic, over two years. The winner will be announced in September 2019.


But ROSEN’s way of giving back is not only about fostering young talent but also supporting important charitable causes. Therefore, colleagues at our location in Lingen have donated € 2,000 to the children's aid project 'Kimba.' The money originates from the so-called "spare cent initiative." The aid project supports girls and boys in the region who are directly affected by an emergency. This includes various measures such as family care, but also financial support or the purchase of material resources. The piggy banks used for the donations go by the names 'Schnitzel,' 'ROlade' and 'Rosie.' Throughout the year, colleagues will ‘feed’ them with the cent amounts behind their monthly salaries, sometimes even more than that. Through this method, the participating departments were able to raise a total of € 1,000. As a thank you for the commitment, ROSEN doubled the amount to € 2,000. "We stand behind our committed colleagues and this great campaign. That is why we have doubled the collected amount," emphasized Patrik Rosen, local representative of the owner family.


Our youth initiative ROYOUTH represents another facet of ROSENs social engagement. Just recently, the initiative supported a team of students from the Gesamtschule Emsland (comprehensive school) in the "Formula 1 in Schools" competition. The multidisciplinary, international technology contest offers students aged 11 to 19 the opportunity to design a small Formula 1 racing car on the computer, produce it and then race it against other teams. With the support of ROYOUTH, they worked for over half a year to create their model. Some experts of the ROSEN Group actively supported the pupils in the implementation of their project, helping them with the handling of the software and machinery for the manufacturing. At the Lower Saxony State Competition, the group presented their project to a jury of experts and entered the race with their new car. They reached the 11th place in the overall ranking. Additionally, the team was able to improve their race compared to last year: they scored with one of the fastest reaction times and achieved full points for the construction of their car.

However, our social engagement certainly does not end here. For us at ROSEN, it is important to look beyond these recent involvements, keep exploring additional opportunities of social engagement in the future and continue our journey of giving back.