On Saturday, 16 November 2019, ROSEN hosted the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Regional Tournament at its Innovation Center in Lingen (Ems), Germany. More than 100 children and teenagers aged 9 to 16 participated in the international research and robotics competition, which, this year, ran under the motto “CITY SHAPER: Designing the buildings of the future.” As always the competition’s highlight were the Robot Games, where the teams have their respective LEGO robots perform tasks on an obstacle course.

“With this competition, we provide an opportunity for students from the region to prove their skills in science and technology in a team,” says Patrik Rosen, local representative of the ROSEN family board. “The spectator numbers of the last two years are evidence of the strong public interest. What surprises me much more, though, are the youngsters’ enthusiasm and creativity, and the excitement with which they take on the technological challenges.”

It takes months for the teams to prepare for the FFL. They build and program autonomous LEGO robots and develop a research project in accordance with the current motto. This year’s motto “CITY SHAPER: Designing the buildings of the future” produced solutions in the fields of traffic, accessibility, and natural disasters. The practical part saw the robots construct buildings from LEGO housing units, among other things.

A jury consisting of ROSEN employees awarded trophies in four different categories: Research, Robot Design, Teamwork, and Robot Game. Additionally, two special awards for outstanding achievements were presented. The overall winning team qualified for the Semi Finals West, which will take place in Aachen, Germany, on 20 January 2020.