The perfect pairing of diagnostics and integrity — this is what comprehensive asset care is all about. At the 14th Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany, our experts shared their knowledge with key members of the industry and discussed how we combine unparalleled data collection technologies with integrity solutions to bring even more confidence to data.

At the conference, our experts gave five technical presentations on a diverse range of topics, from risk management and stress corrosion cracking assessments to pinhole detection and fracture mechanics.

Michael Beller, Head of Global Strategy Asset Care at the ROSEN Group, said of the event:

“I’m really impressed with how the conference has grown over the years, the first time I participated, there was only 200 delegates, and now there are well over 700 delegates from all over the world. Interesting sessions, interesting papers, a great exhibition and a very good opportunity for networking.”

Our key pipeline integrity technologies and systems presented during the exhibition included:

  • The Crack Management Framework – utilizing technologies, like UT and EMAT to detect and size cracking, in combination with integrity assessments to manage the threat as a whole.
  • Pinhole and pitting detection – identifying and locating these potentially-detrimental threats with the ultra-high-resolution service RoCorr MFL-A Ultra .
  • NIMA – a framework offering operators a way to reduce uncertainties in their integrity management process.

We look forward to seeing you at the PTC in 2020!