Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. June 2019 – ROSEN is concluding a project converting bare steel pipe to internally coated wear resistant pipe. This project is part of a planned upgrade for a client with a production facility in Northern Alberta. The project includes the installation of upgraded bare steel pipe, which has been internally coated with a wear resistant RoCoat™ liner. ROSEN has also equipped the new pipe with a wear monitoring system allowing acquisition of coating condition “online.” The lined pipe and wear monitoring devices are designed, manufactured and installed in Calgary, Alberta.

The replacement of regular pipe with internally coated (lined) pipe and the wear monitoring system is expected to result in a reduction in pipeline-maintenance man hours while increasing safety and lowering lifecycle costs.

The coated pipe project involves replacing 13 km of pipe in 60’ lengths, to be delivered to the site on an expedited timeline to accommodate the client’s scheduled major maintenance. During the planned outage, the current carbon steel pipelines will be changed out with the RoCoat™ lined pipe system.

The client, their selected EPC contractor and the installation construction group all worked closely with ROSEN to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery of the coated pipe.

ROSEN secured material from numerous Canadian and international suppliers and sub-contractors. In addition, approximately 35 people were hired locally to fill many positions, including shop production personnel, front office staff, shipping and receiving, forklift operators, and equipment maintenance professionals. The project’s scope of work was enormous for ROSEN, but with a dynamic team and a well-executed plan, ROSEN was able to complete this project on schedule with zero injuries and a high-quality product for the client.