At the PPIM 2019 in Houston, Texas, we showed what it means to go above and beyond standard ILI solutions by tackling stubborn challenges, testing the limits of speed, and soaring past conventions.

ROSEN’s team of experts joined together with others in the industry to discuss how we can best serve the current and future needs. At the opening of the conference, ROSEN Vice President Chris Yoxall discussed this need further in his keynote address, which highlighted the importance of focusing on the future of the industry.

Yoxall explained that, in the past, the industry-wide mindset towards incidents was mainly a reactive one. Over the years, however, due to gained and changing stakeholders, the oil and gas industry has developed a semi-proactive mindset towards asset integrity. He explained that, with this increasing environmental complexity with many different interests, it is even more important that we, as an industry, continue to closely collaborate. It is by bringing all stakeholders together to identify the future needs that we can address them in a timely manner and develop the necessary predictive mindset.

At the conference, experts from ROSEN gave six technical presentations on a diverse range of topics, including MAOP validation, high-temperature ILI solutions, assessing competence, data management and utilizing big data, and locating and validating metal loss defects.

Skyrocketing past standard ILI solutions, our key pipeline integrity technologies and systems presented during the major industry event included:

  • The RoMat PGS Service – Pipeline DNA uncovered. – delivering efficient integrity to go beyond standard compliance
  • The R3 Service – Responsive. Rapid. Reliable. – an ILI solution designed to give you the knowledge you need, when you need it
  • Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics – Solutions. Because we can. – applying robotics to pig the unpiggable
  • Specialized and Customizable Cleaning – The smart way to efficiency – stubborn debris will no longer hinder efficient cleaning

We look forward to seeing you at PPIM 2020!