The ROSEN Group, along with many other companies worldwide, is faced with the rapid global spread of coronavirus infections. We take the situation seriously and therefore initiated extensive preventive safety measures globally, regionally and locally to minimize risks and impacts. The ROSEN Group's operational, manufacturing and research & development facilities, however, continue to operate at realistic capacity and performance as the situation allows.

Hermann Rosen, Founder and President of the ROSEN Group said, "We care. Our most important goal is the well-being of our colleagues and their families. At the same time, we want to maintain the operation of our company and meet our customer expectations. We know how important open communication is in the current situation: for these reasons, we would like to provide information about the measures we take.”

The primary goal of all our current actions is to minimize the impact of the spreading coronavirus infections on the four identified major viewpoints that are of interest:

  • Customer: We will continue to support to minimize the impact on the business of our partners for the on-going safe and secure operation of their industrial infrastructures.
  • Public: Our open and transparent communication enables the public to understand that all our actions are aimed to preserving health and safety of the surrounding communities and environment.
  • Staff: It is in our utmost interest to ensure the health, safety and personal well-being of our employees. They are our most important asset and therefore we take extensive preventive measures.
  • Company: Even in the current situation, we stand firmly by our corporate values. All our activities contribute to meeting the standards of our reputation as a responsible family-owned company, our brand promise and our business performance.

ROSEN has activated our “Business Continuity Management” (BCM) concept as a central element of the ROSEN Group’s holistic risk management approach. Global, regional and local teams are already activated, in operation and closely collaborating. The global BCM team is coordinating regional and local teams within their respective areas of responsibility. Additionally, selected subject matter professionals are available 24/7 to support these groups. The teams are in close communication with each other daily to minimize impact, manage the business and safety of our employees, and to align with each other on the ongoing situation.