At the PPIM 2020 in Houston, Texas, we showcased a series of pipeline integrity solutions that enable operators to gain the knowledge needed to make the best-informed decisions.

ROSEN’s team of experts exchanged with key members of the industry on how we can best serve their current and future needs. In the plenary opening session, “Beyond Compliance,” ROSEN Vice President Jan Frowijn discussed the need to invest in energy efficiency and renewables, while also recognizing that most predictions show that oil and natural gas are an important part of our energy future.

Frowijn went on to acknowledge the controversy that the energy debate continues to raise. For those in the industry, it may often seem that regardless of the many improvements in integrity management practices and pipeline safety, public resistance and anxiety towards pipelines seem to intensify. He went on to present some of the theories on public opinion formation and change, emphasizing the importance of understanding the public’s concerns at a fundamental level. For both individual industry stakeholders as well as the pipeline industry as a whole, this understanding is a critical step in developing and communicating the pipeline narrative.



At the conference, experts from the ROSEN Group gave ten technical presentations on a diverse range of topics, including Virtual–Dig Up, Machine Learning, and Material Property Verification.

In addition, we featured our "Innovation Corner," where our latest developments and strategies were introduced:

As ROSEN strives to enable asset operators to make the best possible integrity management decisions, we also highlighted a series of further pipeline integrity solutions during the major industry event including:

We look forward to seeing you at PPIM 2021!