With more than 30 years of experience in pipeline integrity management, the ROSEN Group is investing in a new challenge to support operators in the transition towards a low-carbon future. The company has been developing a holistic approach for managing the integrity of hydrogen pipelines. This approach can be applied to the conversion of existing natural gas pipeline grids to hydrogen, or used to new build networks.

Hydrogen is a reliable and efficient energy source that will contribute to the increasing demand for renewable energies. According to “Shell Hydrogen Study — Energy of the Future?” (2017), 1,600 miles of hydrogen pipelines are already in operation in the US alone. The increasing interest in transporting this energy source with pipelines brings on two specific challenges: the conversion of existing natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen transportation and the need for integrity management of these assets, as the long-term effects of hydrogen on pipelines introduce new challenges compared to natural gas.

ROSEN is fostering a constant knowledge exchange with operators and experts to prepare engineering guidelines and practical procedures for this transition towards hydrogen. To help ensure the active development of the market, the company is participating in the joint-industry partnership “HYREADY.”

In cooperation with numerous pipeline operators and industry stakeholders, ROSEN’s participation in the “HYREADY” project includes contributing to the investigation of the consequences of hydrogen on existing gas infrastructures and practicable mitigating measures. Having many years of experience in providing comprehensive inspection and integrity solutions for critical equipment used in harsh environments, including already successfully performing in-line inspections in 100% hydrogen pipelines during operation, ROSEN will offer valuable practice-based insight and world leading expertise to this joint industry project.

ROSEN’s aims are to encourage the pipeline industry to be ready for hydrogen by proposing practicable processes and approaches for the introduction of this energy source into the existing grid and continue to provide operators innovative solutions for a safe, sustainable future.

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