Our world is rapidly changing. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory facing new challenges each day. As each one of us is faced with the necessity of adapting to this new situation, we believe that now, more than ever, the exchange of knowledge is critical. That is why we invite you to join our free webinar series, Integrity Insights.

In this webinar series, our experts will examine a diverse range of topics relating to integrity management. Our aim is to help ensure the safety and progression of our industry, while helping operators successfully navigate this difficult climate.

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3 April 2020, 3 pm BST (London)

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Accurate estimates of corrosion growth behavior are critical for effective integrity management, to reduce uncertainty in future predictions, and enable continued safe and economic pipeline operation. Following a brief description of conventional methods of corrosion growth assessment from repeat ILI data, this webinar will go on to show how data analytics and machine learning techniques can be used to enhance the resulting corrosion behavior estimates. It will further demonstrate how corrosion growth distributions can be estimated for a pipeline, where in-line inspection data is not available.

Michael Smith

Presenter: Michael Smith
Michael Smith is a chartered Chemical Engineer and Data Scientist with a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Within ROSEN, he leads the development of new asset integrity technologies, with a specific focus on 'Integrity Analytics' — the use of data analytics to support integrity management decisions. As a subject matter expert in post ILI corrosion growth assessment, Michael has contributed to numerous publications on corrosion growth rate estimation, optimization and prediction.