ROSEN’s NIMA Data Management (DM) was recently added to the largest GIS marketplace reaching more than 300,000 customer organizations.

The Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) is the global market leader in GIS (Geographical Information System), with more than 34 million users visiting their website annually. The reach of ArcGIS extends and expands over its 300,000 customer organizations, in addition to offerings from ESRI partners and distributor ecosystems, making ArcGIS Marketplace the largest of its kind. Users can discover, try, and buy apps, data, ArcGIS Pro add-ins, widgets, and partner solutions.

ESRI’s “ArcGIS” suite of software products enables users to consume, visualize, and analyze data of all types, specifically around spatial data formats. Most pipeline operators have data stored in GIS formats.
As a result, many rely on in-line inspection (ILI) data to be integrated with GIS data and delivered in a GIS format. ROSEN’s integrity management teams use GIS for many services including data integrations, data alignments, integrity assessments, analyzing data for clients, map products, etc.

We are proud to announce that we are now successfully established as an ESRI marketplace provider. Users can download our product NIMA Data Management as an add-in for ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing for ArcGIS Pro.



A basic prerequisite for the quick and reliable assessment of an asset’s integrity is the availability of consistent and fully aligned datasets.
However, with exponential increases in field-collected pipeline data, the establishment of a system of record, where all available data is readily accessible, is becoming an increasingly complex achievement for pipeline operators.

NIMA DM provides functionality for uploading and aligning inspection data along the pipeline route by extending the capabilities of ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing extension for ArcGIS Pro.

NIMA DM’s integration into ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing provides operators with intuitive, auditable, and repeatable steps for ILI and survey alignment and subsequent data uploads to an operators system of record. NIMA writes data results directly to a UPDM modelled geodatabase, ensuring the right data is loaded to the right tables. NIMA DM maintains and promotes temporality and will help operators achieve consistency in their integrity management program’s data management efforts.


NIMA DM assists in keeping pipeline records traceable, verifiable and complete by providing a structured workflow, which guides users through the alignment and integration of large and complex in-line inspection and survey data, from different vendors or formats.

NIMA DM’s most compelling benefits are:

  • True synchronization between GIS-managed Pipeline Assets and Inspection and Survey Data: NIMA DM provides a more efficient and auditable process to align inspection data, ensuring new survey data aligns with changes in your asset baseline over time (e.g.: re-routes, cut-outs, or other asset location updates).

  • Compliance with standards and regulations: NIMA DM enables you to prove your records are traceable, verifiable and complete during system audits. It provides a comprehensive data log, including versioning, timestamp and user identity – including information that is added during in-line inspection or survey data loads.

  • Efficient data handling: NIMA DM supports fast integration and processing of huge amounts of data. Our experts constantly work on improving the NIMA framework and processes to handle the ever increasing data streams hitting operators today and in the future.

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