The first four sessions of the Competence Club’s virtual Meetup series took place over the last couple of weeks. They were all well received by industry professionals from all over the world. Some joined for the networking opportunities, some for the exchange with our experts and some just to learn new skills. However, we have more sessions planned for the end of summer so stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Meetups.


The start to the series was a great success. All 250 seats were taken during the first session. If you were not able to make it to one of the sessions or just want to watch it again, do not worry: You can re-watch all sessions here.

In these first four sessions, attendees were able to learn from Neil Gallon (Principal Engineer) about the importance of hydrogen for the energy transition and the role of existing pipelines. They had the chance to listen to Michael Smith (Principal Engineer) on why operators and service providers need to focus on discrete problems and big data. In session three, Michelle Unger (Education Systems and Services) explained many issues surrounding the question “do you need to be competent to have a successful career?”. Finally, four founding members of YPI, Patrick Vieth, Marguerite Forde, Tyler Tunic and Bernardo Pessoa, answered your questions about being a young pipeliner and joining the industry in the fourth installment of our series.

As part of the feedback we received suggestions on more topics that the Meetup series should cover and that you would like to learn more about. Therefore, the series will not end here.


The Competence Club has more Meetup session planned. Save the dates now:

  • On August 24, Neil Gallon will pick up on the topic of “Energy Transition” (8 AM UTC, 10 AM CEST, 4 PM GMT) – a great opportunity for those who missed the first Meetup session

  • On September 8, Christopher De Leon will introduce you to the Updated Gas Rule (10 AM CDT, 3 PM UTC, 5 PM CEST)

  • On October 12, Christie Murray will focus on the topic “What’s on the Horizon for Public Awareness” (12 PM CDT, 5 PM UTC, 7 PM CEST)

  • On November 9, Dr. Bruce Nestleroth and Arti Bhatia will talk about “Workshops, Webinars and Training for Pipeline Integrity Management” (10 AM CST)

A registration in advance is not necessary, you can join from anywhere at any time.

Whether you are at the office, on your lunch break or in your home office, leverage engaging live calls that will increase your skills as you learn at your own pace. Learning new things made easy!

If that sounds interesting to you, click here for the LinkedIn event for our next session or an overview of all sessions here.