10 am sharp marked the kick-off for the ROSEN Family Day 2022 – our celebration of the company’s 40-year anniversary. The first tickets were scanned, the gates opened and a few children started to run off excitedly.
A large crowd of ROSEN employees with their families, friends or partners started to move across the parking lot to the event area.

The Office Above the Garage

After meeting the first familiar faces, the large square at the main stage gradually filled up. Hermann Rosen took the stage and looked back at ROSEN’s beginnings in the 1970s: the small engineering office above the garage, the birth of the ROSEN Group in 1981 and many adventures that followed since then. He talked not only about the successes, but also the challenges the company had to face and what always drove him. An outlook on the future business areas and a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the commitment of each employee rounded off his speech.

Herman Rosen on stage at the Family Day 2022

Experience History

Anyone looking to truly 'experience' the 40 years of company history found what they were looking for at an exhibition in the Test Center Hall. While colleagues in front of the building explained the opportunities on our test field and the young emerging talents from the 'Ignition Racing Team electric' presented their newly developed race cars, the literal entrance through the famous garage offered the opportunity to embark on a journey through time.

Titled 'Experience 40 Years Ahead', visitors walked through the last decades – from the beginnings with pig gestation meters, the breakthrough of EMAT technology, to the future, in which hydrogen and wind energy, for example, will play a central role for the ROSEN Group. Divided into different decades, accompanied by sound effects as well as interviews with contemporary witnesses and exhibits, the time tunnel took the visitors into another world – or rather: into another time.

Experience 40 Years Ahead – Last Decades

Experience 40 Years Ahead – The Future

Pancakes and Pump Test Installations

Out of the time tunnel, heading back towards the main square, visitors were able to catch a glimpse of the Food Corner: rows of seats, high tables and a row of pagoda tents lined up between pump test installations and lines for pull tests. The smell of mini pancakes, Asian noodles, mushrooms and grilled sausages filled the air, and in the midday heat, the rush for cool drinks was on.

Food Corner at the ROSEN Family Day 2022

High-tech, Caricatures and Entertainment

Once refreshed, the tour continued in the direction of the Factory. This is where high-tech enthusiasts got what they wanted. Through the CNC area past fully automated line manufacturing, amazement in the new Logistics Center, a look into the Sensor and Electronics Manufacturing and the latest inspection equipment at Assembly – the tour through the Factory provided a good insight into the manufacturing competencies and business areas of ROSEN.

In the Factory courtyard, visitors were able to take a look at themselves – or have someone take a look at them. Two caricaturists were busy finishing one picture after another. Those who did not want to wait for a portrait of themselves found a nostalgic van twenty meters further on, converted into a photo box. Back in the direction of the Innovation Center, the main stage was buzzing: a band and a DJ provided musical entertainment.


Factory – Assembly

Happy Shrieks on the Bouncy Castle

Loud laughter came from the Kids Area in front of the Innovation Center. Here, the little ones were jumping on bouncy castles, took on the 'stacking boxes' challenge or made balloon animals. The smell of cotton candy and popcorn filled the air. While a little girl with a freshly painted face was chasing a giant soap bubble, her older sister was in the middle of crafting a dachshund at the ROYOUTH station. When they suddenly heard loud trumpets and drums of a marching band, the children's eyes grew wide. A group of red-uniformed men and women finally came to a stop in front of the Innovation Center.

Kids Area at the ROSEN Family Day 2022

Marching Band

Looking Into the Crystal Ball

In the Innovation Center, visitors were able to take a look into the crystal ball. 'Future Starts Here' was the motto of the exhibitions in the Research and Development Center. Colleagues from a wide range of specialist areas talked about solutions for offshore wind farms, the inspection of water pipes, autonomous underwater vehicles and hydrogen. In addition, a digital 360-degree facility tour provided an overview of the entire company premises.

Water Line Integrity