ROSEN Group is updating “MACAW’s Pipeline Defects”, a compendium of pipeline defect pictures originally published by MACAW Engineering in 2003. Now, to reflect the latest industry experience, ROSEN will publish a new edition and therefore opens a call for pictures to collect images of pipeline defects from the pipeline community. Frequently, tailored solutions or new developments are needed.

The book illustrates many defects that can be found in high-pressure steel pipelines and pipeline coatings. In addition, it advises on the probable cause and importance of the defects and comments on the appropriate corrective actions. The defect encyclopedia quickly established itself as a useful reference guide for pipeline engineers, and in 2017, the book format was updated and first published under the ROSEN brand name as “The Encyclopedia of Pipeline Defects”. We now ask the pipeline community for contributions to the next edition.

To become part of the new edition please follow these three steps:

  1. Upload a photo that represents macro, micro or nano characteristics of any type of pipeline defect to:
  2. Write a description of up to 200 words in English, characterizing the anomaly and commenting on possible damage mechanisms
  3. ... win great prizes in collaboration with The Competence Club!

All submissions must be completed up to 31 July 2023. A panel of Competence Club experts will screen the pictures, for quality and industrial relevance. The ones selected will be submitted to a public vote, to be held from 1st to 8th of August, 2023. The winner will be announced by ROSEN during Rio Pipeline 2023.

Note the entries do not need to be referenced to a specific asset. All pictures selected for publication will be credited.

The contributors will receive a copy of the Encyclopedia.