In the following, we would like to provide you an overview about the existing terms and conditions we have implemented for the ROSEN Group. Depending on the issue you need them for, we have different applicable terms and conditions. If you should have any question regarding the applicable terms and conditions or in any other legal issue please refer to your contact person at ROSEN.

Terms and Conditions for Diagnostic Solutions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply for Services to be provided for Diagnostic Solutions, such as for Proficient, Advanced and Challenging as well as for Field Services of the ROSEN Group.

Terms and Conditions for Integrity Management Support

These Terms and Conditions shall apply for Services of the Business Field Integrity Solutions (INS).

Terms and Conditions for Non-Destructive Testing

These Terms and Conditions shall apply for Services to be provided for NDT.

Terms and Conditions for Product Sales

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to Product Sales of the ROSEN Group, such as for Intelligent Plastic Solutions, EMAT Flowmetering Solutions, Industrial Diagnostics and Field Products.

Terms and Conditions for Purchasing

These Terms and Conditions shall apply for purchasing goods or services.

Open Source Software

The EMAT Flowmetering Solution contains some open source components which obligated the ROSEN Group to publish the terms and conditions of such components. In the following the terms and conditions are published. For more information regarding used open source components please contact ROSEN.

Terms and Conditions for Services of the Hydrogen Testing Laboratory

These Terms and Conditions shall apply for Services of the Hydrogen Testing Laboratory.


Limitation of liability

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No Warranty

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No Offer

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Use of links

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Governing Law and Jurisdiction

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Corporate Information

The name ROSEN relates to ROSEN Swiss AG.