Crack Management Framework

The Crack Management Framework provides a reasoned and systematic approach that focusses efforts on the critical issues and locations. All available data, from pipeline design and construction methods to ILI data collected with technologies such as UT or EMAT, is integrated and utilized to fully understand the cause and morphology of critical defects. The comprehensive, long-term vision of this framework aims to optimize future integrity management activity, ensuring safe and efficient future operation.

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The Framework You Can Trust

RoCorr MFL-A Ultra

Gain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the pipeline's structure and tap into the full potential of your asset with RoCorr MFL-A Ultra. The ultra-high-resolution service leaves nothing to chance, not only do they detect even the smallest pipeline defects, they also define the exact structure of defect groups and complex features to precisely identify the threats to pipeline integrity. Displaying what until now has often remained unseen, these premium services help minimize field verification expenses and optimize asset performance.

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RoCorr MFL-A Ultra Service


NIMA, a digital integrity management solution, offers customers a basis for secure decision making by providing an accurate reflection of individual integrity management processes and easily-accessible data. As a uniform approach to asset integrity management is not feasible, NIMA provides operators with the exact level of support that they need. From instant remote execution of tasks via a custom cloud platform, to expert advice on a specific integrity issue, to the training of personnel, NIMA is by your side guiding the way through the integrity management process.

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NIMA - Elevating Safety

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