Member of Advisory Committee

Image Member of Advisory Committee

Heinz Watzka studied mechanical engineering at Technical University of Vienna / Austria - from 1977 – 1986. He specialized in welding and hydraulic design of pump stations for the oil industry.

From 1981 – 1990, Mr. Watzka worked as Project engineer and manager for oil & water pipeline projects in Nigeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Lybia.  Until 1986 he worked as student and later as project engineer at Ingenieurgemeinschaft Lässer-Feizlmayr

From 1991 – 2002 he served as project engineer for hydraulic optimization in Germany, Austria and Italy for the Transalpine Pipelinesystem. From 1994 - 2002, Mr. Watzka was technical Manager of Deutsche Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH as well as Consultant for the shareholders BP and OMV in surveys for TransAlaska Pipeline System and PARCO Pipeline System.

As Senior Vice President responsible for the Maintenance of Ruhrgas AG he was active from 2002 – 2010. After that and until 2013, Heinz Watzka was Managing director of Open Grid Europe GmbH.


  • President of the coordination comitee and supervisory board MEGAL GmbH
  • Member of the supervisory board TENP GmbH
  • Member of comercial and technical comitee EVG Thüringen-Sachsen mbH
  • Member of the coordination comitee TGL TauernGasleitung / Austria
  • Member of the board of management of DVGW , Germany