Performing in the offshore arena means performing under extreme conditions. This applies to the people that work on platforms and vessels as well as to the assets themselves. Operating 24/7 in remote locations under harsh conditions takes its toll on both people and equipment. Therefore, experts and technologies are called for that not only cope with but excel in the face of the challenges they are presented with.

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More than two million kilometers of pipeline deliver product to all sorts of facilities worldwide. With pipelines being one of the most – if not the most – reliable and cost-effective way of transporting hazardous substances, their integrity management cannot be overlooked. Protecting these assets, and the environment around them, requires a holistic approach, one that allows operators to pull from a large variety of inspection techniques and integrity management experiences.

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In the very demanding mining industry, assets need to resist highly abrasive materials. Making asset lifetime extension, minimized down time and secure operation a priority means effective integrity measures are necessary. Pipelines in the mining industry, specifically, are susceptible to a wide range of threats that include erosion, corrosion and cracking. Proper integrity management plans are needed, including in-line inspection, integrity, engineering and consultancy, and wear protection.

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NIMA, a digital integrity management solution, offers customers a basis for secure decision-making by providing an accurate reflection of individual integrity management processes and easily accessible data. Because a uniform approach to asset integrity management is not feasible, NIMA provides operators with the exact level of support they need. From instant remote execution of tasks via a custom cloud platform to expert advice on a specific integrity issue to the training of personnel, NIMA is by your side to guide you through the integrity management process.

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At the conference, our specialists will also present 13 technical papers on a wide range of subjects, including crack identification and assessment, data-driven best practice in corrosion management, and flow modelling in slurry pipelines..