From February 24 to 25, 2021, PPIM will take place in a fully virtual format for the first time. ROSEN will again participate as the Platinum Elite Sponsor. During the virtual conference, Jan Frowijn, Vice President – Business Collaboration, ROSEN USA, and Chris Yoxall, Vice President – Business Execution, ROSEN USA, will give the keynote speech on “Leadership in Uncertain Times: Challenges and Opportunities for the Pipeline Industry.” In addition, we will present 10 papers highlighting a wide range of pipeline integrity solutions that enable operators to gain the knowledge needed to make the best-informed decisions. Please find more information about the topics we will present below.

Pipeline Threat Management

Pipelines are exposed to a variety of threats. Cracks, corrosion, third-party damage or geohazards such as landslides or seismic events – all threaten the safety and thus the integrity of a pipeline. Each threat has its own characteristics. This also means that there are different crack and corrosion types, and geohazards can have different effects on pipelines.

ROSEN therefore approaches these threats with a “big picture” mindset, guiding pipeline operators through the entire process from inspection to integrity, which ultimately results in a comprehensive threat management plan. In doing so, ROSEN supports operators beyond short-term decisions in order to extend the lifetime, safety and performance of their pipelines.

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Pipeline Crack Management
Geometry and Mapping
Corrosion Detection

Corresponding Papers:

1.  Addressing the Risk of Cracks in Gas Transmission Pipelines
    (Mark Wright, Dr. Daniel Sandana, ROSEN Group, Houston, USA, Todd Post, Will Curry, Consumers Energy)
2.  Circumferential Crack Detection Using Ultrasonic ILI: A Key Element Within a Successful Crack Management Strategy
    (Pedro Guillen, Maik Boekers, Christopher Davies, Lukas Klinge, John Valderrama, ROSEN Group)
3.  Selective seam weld corrosion – an old new problem
    (Simon Slater, ROSEN Group, Josh Bremner, Phillips 66)
4.  Beware of the Shapeshifters – A Repeatability Study on Pipeline Movement and Bending Strain Assessments
    (Rhett Dotson, Alexander Brown, ROSEN Group, Justin Taylor, Lindsay Jacobs, TCE)
5.  Risk of Landslides to Pipelines in Mexico
    (Jan Frowijn, ROSEN Group)

Pipeline Material Verification

Where pipeline operators do not have adequate records to substantiate and validate the material properties of their pipeline, they will need to undertake further material properties verification efforts to determine or verify key attributes, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Grade/SMYS
  • Seam type
  • Diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Toughness

Where traceable, verifiable and complete (TVC) records are not available, key integrity decisions are full of uncertainty. Knowing the materials your pipelines are made of is critical for ensuring safe operation.

To ensure safe, cost-efficient and code-compliant operation of a pipeline throughout its life, operators must understand their pipeline properties in order to accurately identify and address specific integrity threats.

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Material & Pipe Properties - Take a Smart Look Into Your Pipe Wall

Corresponding Papers:

1.  Case Study: A Combined In-Line Inspection and Data Integration Approach for Verification of Material Properties
    (Adrian Destefano, Pedro Hryciuk, Transportadora de Gas de Norte (TGN), Oliver Burkinshaw, Felix Niemeyer, ROSEN Group)
2.  Material Property Verification: Alternative Sampling Strategies
    (Oliver Burkinshaw, Matthew Capewell, Simon Slater, Michael Smith, ROSEN Group)
3.  Navigating the 192.624 MAOP reconfirmation process
    (Simon Slater, Christopher De Leon, ROSEN Group, Columbus, USA, Peter Clyde, Louisville Gas & Electric)

Data Management

The ROSEN Group aims to transform and develop the latest technologies into advanced products and services to protect people and the environment. We see huge potential in fusing human intelligence with different areas of machine learning and autonomous vehicles/robots to collect data in harsh environments. And in turn using these to aid decision-making that supports this goal.

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Innovation at the Forefront

Corresponding Papers:

1.  Deep learning for high resolution external corrosion prediction in uninspected pipelines
    (Michael Smith, Christopher De Leon, Matthew Capewell, ROSEN Group, Miaad Safari, Enbridge Gas Inc.)
2.  Disrupting the Flow? A Step Change in Burst Pressure Accuracy Optimizes Repair Schedules
    (Andrew Wilde, Kevin Siggers, Johannes Palmer, ROSEN Group)