ROSEN is building a new intelligent plastic productions plant in Alberta, Canada. This Facility is the first of its kind in Canada to use hot cast application of polyurethane coating on up to 48” diameter pipe sections in up to 18 meters in length. ROSEN, a leading global technology provider for the oil and gas industry has made the decision to enhance our investment in Intelligent Plastic Solutions by building a new purpose-built, production facility in Alberta, Canada.

Serious advantages can be taken into consideration:

  • Proximity to customers, much shorter lead times, lower cost
  • Pipe diameters from 16“ to 48“; lengths from 3 m to 18.5 m
  • Service, engineering, and technical support in Alberta
  • Training and support for welders and pipe laying contractors
  • Most operator approved steel pipe and accessory suppliers are locally available
  • Creation of employment opportunity in Alberta where ROSEN has an established work force
    of more than 120 employees.

New production Plant in Calgary, Alberta


  • Innovative German engineering and German quality workmanship made this superior product possible
  • Reduced lead times due to local manufacturing as compared to shipping lined steel pipes across the Atlantic
  • No shipping size restrictions (max. length = 40 ft. to fit containers)
  • Refurbishment of used pipes would be impossible with trans-Atlantic shipping