The ROSEN Group is proud to once again play an active role in the International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta, from 25-27 September 2018. This biennial event brings together members of the pipeline industry from all around the world to discuss the latest developments and share knowledge.

The pipeline network is comprised of various systems with their own sets of vital assets and unique threats. Determining the integrity of these assets is a crucial element to ensure sustainable, safe, efficient, and reliable operation. Therefore, we have identified the unique integrity challenges associated with each of these systems and developed innovative solutions to help operators achieve their goal of zero incidents.

Discover how we have focused in on each aspect of the pipeline network at booth #512 of the exhibition. Our team of experts is eager to find out how we can best serve your needs and utilize our vast technology portfolio to provide the optimal solution for your asset.

At the conference, our experts will be giving twelve technical presentations on a diverse range of topics, including competency standards, integrity management workflows, remaining life assessments, and machine learning applications.


Pipeline Construction

Verifying Quality

Prior to the commissioning of a pipeline, the newly-constructed asset must fulfil certain requirements to prove that its integrity is intact and that the construction quality was high. Hydro testing, dewatering, caliper inspections, and verification digs, which can be required after construction, prove to be both expensive and time consuming for the construction contractor and operator.

Through custom cleaning programs, geometry verification, mapping and caliper units, our solutions are available on a standby basis and provide efficient, API and ISO compliant results. Our aim is to get newly-constructed pipelines up and running without the unnecessary need for expensive digs and time-consuming reports.

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Geometry and Mapping
Pre-Commissioning Solutions

Gathering Pipelines

Efficient Flexibility

Operating at low flows and pressures, gathering lines transport product from the commodity’s source to a processing or storage facility. These lines can be as small as 3” in diameter, consisting of tight bends and often containing multiphase medium. Managing the primary threats of internal and external corrosion proves challenging when downtime must be at a minimum.

Our extensive portfolio consists of a wireline-equipped fleet of bidirectional tools to serve your quick turnaround requirements.  Detecting and sizing anomalies and optimizing flow, our solutions for gathering pipelines can overcome difficult conditions and design both efficiently and comprehensively, thereby minimizing interruptions while gathering high-quality results.

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Bidirectional Solutions

Feeder Pipelines

Unique Versatility

The primary role of these pipelines is to feed product from a processing or storage facility to the long-distance transmission pipelines. The role of being a point of transition either within a facility or outside the controlled area means that these systems can have varying states of integrity and can present obstacles which may inhibit traditional inspection methods.

Our vast portfolio of complementing units, such as technologies, methods, and market knowledge, enables our experts to optimally address each individual challenge of your unique asset. This tailored solution not only produces the means to have the pipeline inspected, but also, when required, provides a comprehensive integrity assessment.

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Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics


Transmission Pipelines

Ensuring Reliability

As the major conduit of the pipeline network, transmission pipelines are responsible for the transportation of large volumes of product from production regions to distribution centers, storage tanks or refineries. These long-distance pipelines are exposed to a wide range of threats, which can result in various anomalies, minimized throughput, or failure.

As this infrastructure ages, the accuracy of each inspection and the predicted behavior of identified features becomes more crucial. With high-resolution technologies such as RoCorr MFL-A Ultra, operators gain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the pipeline's structure and tap into the full potential of the asset, leaving nothing to chance. Additional technologies can also be combined for increased accuracy, ensuring that even the smallest threat is not only detected, but also analyzed, and its future behavior predicted.

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RoCorr MFL-A Ultra

Distribution Pipelines

Optimizing Uptime

Distribution pipelines are responsible for delivering natural gas to the end user. These can be lower pressure pipelines and often operate within close proximity to homes and businesses. This means that as the infrastructure grows around them, maintenance and replacement costs increase as well.

Maintaining the integrity of these pipelines is key to prolonging the life of the asset in a safe and secure way. Our low-flow multi-diameter solutions for gas pipelines, one of many solutions available for this asset, has no impact on operation and does not require a compromise regarding the quality of the inspection data. This ensures optimal throughput in an efficient manner.

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Multi Diameter Technology


Processing & Storage

Always Operational

Remaining in operation is key for processing and storage facilities. During scheduled shutdowns, there is usually a limited window for inspection, however an unexpected shutdown due to leakage could be disastrous for the facility overall. Critical features of these components are often either a hidden threat, undetected by even the most experienced inspector during visual examination, or they may be visible but cannot be quantified.

Based on customer-specific requirements and local regulations, an on-site support team is rapidly assembled to conduct a comprehensive and efficient inspection. When accessibility is limited, technology is applied to fill in the data gaps for these critical assets. Non-destructive testing solutions for inaccessible areas allows for a comprehensive, full coverage, high-resolution inspection with accurate data collection and minimal impact on operation. Thus, the operator obtains the information required to achieve safe and compliant operation well into the future.

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Piping Inspection Services


Market Introduction: NIMA

The one common goal that unites the entire industry is the pursuit of Zero Incidents. Fully embracing our role in this endeavor, we dedicate all our technical and engineering expertise to empowering operators around the world in their decision-making. NIMA guides asset operators through the integrity management process and ensures that they are always in the position to make the best possible integrity management decisions. NIMA is not just a software, however. That would mean we are defining a set of functionalities upfront. Instead, it is a framework that - by combining a flexible software platform, customizable integrity processes, and instant expert consultancy services - offers asset operators autonomy and the support they need.