Pipeline Cleaning Solutions

Each pipeline is unique and that means that cleaning needs may vary depending on the pipeline’s operational purpose, lifecycle stage, as well as debris profile. Some challenges that are encountered when cleaning a pipeline can render a standard approach impractical or even unfeasible. With the comprehensive experience gained from a variety of cases over the years, we have developed advanced solutions that go beyond maintenance cleaning to tackle the special requirements of the project at hand.

One of those solutions is the Aggressive Scraper tool, which is equipped with wear-resistant polyurethane guiding discs, flexible lamella scraping sheets and high-quality lamella ring brushes. These features are utilized to provide efficient and aggressive debris removal, guaranteeing cleanliness prior to an ILI run.

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Pipeline Cleaning Services

R3 Service

Regularly-planned inspections play a key role in the overall success of a maintenance schedule. The R³ Service allows for maximized efficiency by being Responsive, Rapid, and Reliable.

The 365/24/7 service allows for flexibility in the field or at facilities. This offers operators the ability to run in-line inspections that fit into their schedules and hereby maximizing workflows. ROSEN’s Mobil Diagnostic Unit (MDU) makes this possible. Downloading, processing, and analysis of the data all takes place on location. The 72-hour on-site reporting window ensures that any issues are immediately flagged so that remediation can begin right away.

The inspection tools are reliable and robust, offering solutions for geometry, metal loss, and mapping inspections. Our devoted R³ Field Project Engineers are responsible for all phases of the inspection, including field operations, tool maintenance, and data evaluation —competence you can rely on.

If you want to see the MDU in person please visit the exhibition hall by the networking lounge (321).

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R³ - A novel Inline Inspection Service


Material and Pipe Properties

Operators require accurate material information for every pipe joint, even though pipe grade is often uncertain due to changes in ownership, repairs, and diversions.

ROSEN’s in-line inspection service suite, RoMat PGS, has been developed to provide a detailed picture of the pipelines’ DNA. By addressing pipe and material properties, we put an end to incomplete pipeline construction records and help operators to reveal the uncertainties of their pipeline walls.

RoMat can be combined with standard MFL-based in-line inspections. Combining the pipe and material properties inspection with an existing ILI schedule reduces the need for an additional run, minimizes operational downtime, and avoids unnecessary costs.

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RoMat PGS Service

Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics

Since the introduction of in-line inspection (ILI) tools, there have been pipelines that cannot be inspected using traditional methods. This is due to challenges typically related to pipeline design, operating conditions and characteristics of the medium. By utilizing tailored solutions equipped with proven technology, many of these so-called “unpiggable” pipelines can, in fact, be pigged.

Our key to the ideal solution is the “ROSEN Toolbox,” which consists of complementary units that enable our experts to optimally address each challenge. Among these toolbox components is the innovative robotic-propulsion unit. The self-propelled crawler module is capable of traversing the most challenging of pipelines, be it onshore or offshore, and towing high-resolution MFL, UT, caliper or cleaning units.

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Challenging Pipeline Diagnostics

Discover more about our non-standard ILI solutions and visit us at booth #507 of the exhibition. Our team of experts is eager to find out how we can best serve your needs and utilize our vast technology portfolio to provide the optimal solution for your challenge.

At the conference, our experts will be giving five technical presentations on a diverse range of topics, including MAOP validation, high-temperature ILI solutions, and data management.