Assets must be operated safely, economically and in compliance with all local regulations. The need for effective integrity management processes therefore rises continuously. REIF 2016 will address this demand. One theme of the conference will focus on diagnostics, collecting all necessary data for true integrity assessment.

Future trends and possibilities regarding feature identification, precise sizing, characterization and locating will be discussed. Reliable integrity assessment and life time estimation will also need to include identifying actual material properties and understanding of material degradation mechanisms.

The third pillar of a true understanding of the fitness-for-purpose is knowledge of actual load conditions, including mechanical, chemical, thermal loads and resulting stresses and strains as well as the effects of any residual stresses present.


However, the information needed for the comprehensive management of any asset goes way beyond the data provided by diagnostics and includes a wide range of additional input such as operational conditions, geo-hazards, coating or cathodic protection information.

The forum in May 2016 will address the issues of assessment complexity using all this structured input. In a further step the added value of using structured as well as unstructured data will be investigated, how can the use of big data and data mining processes extract meaningful and useful information? Other industries already apply these concepts and the question will be discussed how these could add value to the pipeline industry`s quest for zero incidents.

The future of the industry not only relies on the latest innovations, developments, or procedures, but also on its people.  Know-how and experience are important requirements in engineering industries. REIF 2016 will address the issue of competence and knowledge transfer in order to ensure the sustainability of our industry in the future.

Technical Workshops & Company Tour

The day prior to the conference and the day following, technical workshops and company tours will be offered to you. Various technical topics and live demonstrations discussing the cutting-edge technologies available in our indudstry will be presented and discussed.

Advisory Committee

Heinz Watzka & Dr. Phil Hopkins
Heinz Watzka & Dr. Phil Hopkins
Heinz Watzka & Dr. Phil Hopkins

It is a pleasure and honor to announce the Advisory Committee for the upcoming REIF 2016 event: Heinz Watzka and Dr. Phil Hopkins. Both gentlemen will be fully involved to ensure that the conference theme Pipeline Integrity 2030 covers significant perspectives regarding future technologies, innovation and integrity to enable the efficient and effective operations of pipelines in the future.

The advisory committee is fully involved in the development of the conference program and content, including the interactive workshop sessions.