In a nutshell

Traditionally bare of natural resources and primary materials, Israel is a nation that has built its economy on downstream industries. Now, thanks to offshore discoveries of massive natural gas reserves, the Mediterranean country has been given the opportunity to change that. With this new freedom and resource the country must focus more on the maintenance and proper operation of infrastructure such as pipelines.


Thanks to the estimated 2.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas lying in the Karish and Tanin gas fields, along with the previously discovered Tamar and Leviathan deposits (found in 2009 and 2010, respectively), Israel is looking to become energy-independent for the first time in the nation’s history – and is taking full advantage: the economically ambitious country is already organizing a push into foreign markets, becoming an exporter of natural gas.

But what does this mean for the management of oil- and gas-related infrastructure? In this case, upstream operators – as well as mid and downstream operators and regulators – are growing with the responsibility, resulting in heightened operational safety awareness, limitation of risks during exploration, and proper integrity management of storage and transport facilities for oil and gas products.

In order to support the safe and efficient management of these assets in compliance with local regulations, the ROSEN Group, together with its Israeli Agent ShareGas, offers a range of integrity management services to local operators.

One of the most in-demand services is risk and reliability assessment. Understanding the risks faced by pipelines is crucial when it comes to making well-informed decisions about inspection and maintenance strategies and to providing senior management with supporting information to implement a cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation program. Risk assessment enables operators to identify active threats to a pipeline, assess the likelihood and consequences of failure, compare and prioritize risk levels across pipelines, and assess the impact of various mitigation measures.

As is often the case, regions have specific threats they must address when considering the proper integrity management of assets. In Israel some of the threats we are faced with include metal loss, cracking, or geometric features, these can all be appropriately identified using ultrasound, magnetic flux leakage, or extended high resolution geometry measurement technologies. The ROSEN Group and ShareGas have been able to perform multiple in-line inspections throughout the entire country of Israel.

ShareGas – a ROSEN Agent

ShareGas provides inspection solutions, equipment, and consulting services to support Israel’s energy infrastructure. It boasts an extensive portfolio of solutions covering a broad spectrum of applications, including oil and gas grids, power plants, refineries, CNG stations, cogeneration systems, and more. ShareGas is a member of an international association of companies specializing in the infrastructure sector. Highly active in the association, ShareGas frequently collaborates with other members and vertical market players and has accumulated a vast and diverse range of know-how and expertise.