We asked: In which area do you believe automation will have the biggest impact for the management of industrial assets?

a.  Process Optimization
b.  Data Collection
c.  Data Analysis

Poll Results

It seems you are all on the same page on this one with a resounding 52.5% of you choosing ‘Data Analysis’.

It is not surprising that automated data analysis is seen as an area that will have a big impact. We already see this in other sectors such as medical imaging where algorithms are now often better at identifying issues than experienced radiographers. It is also true on many levels, from the evaluation of the basic sensor data for the identification of features, through to the selection of mitigation actions that will economically maximise asset performance. To illustrate how we can ensure a positive impact from automation in one of the articles featured in this issue of “Facets – A Forum for Solutions”, Roland Palmer-Jones explores how we can understand the potential benefits of these new approaches, and what we need to do as an industry to really commit.

We are going to go ahead and spin this a bit further and have asked you the following question:

Economist Vilfredo Pareto discovered a natural law describing wealth distribution in human societies; he found that 20% of people own 80% of the wealth. But what about the distribution of corrosion features in pipelines? What percentage of pipelines contain 80% of the corrosion features?

a.  80%
b.  50%
c.  20%
d.   < 10%

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