Key advantages

  • Long-term stability that enables 24-hour a day operation
  • Low operational maintenance costs
  • Increased operation time due to optimized onboard energy management
  • Post-processing and re-teaching and calibration after completion of plate scan
  • Shortened scan duration due to optimized procedure
  • Customized operation based on adjustable frequency setting

The Solution

ROSEN offers a mobile inspection system for testing heavy plates for hard spots, i.e. localized superficial hardness increases on the plate surfaces. Based on the combination of eddy current and incremental permeability analysis, the mobile detector allows the detection and characterization of hard spots with diameters above 20 mm and relative hardness increases to the base material of 30 HV10. The data is gathered from varying the local magnetic hysteresis of the material, which includes both the micromagnetic and microstructural properties of the steel. This allows the determination of a variety of different magnetic parameters of the steel. Utilizing a statistical and machine learning approach, correlations of the signals to different material properties are established. This enables accurate analysis of local hardness and representation of its distribution over the entire steel plate surface.



Main design features of the mobile system are:

  • 32-channel sensor array with 320 mm scan width
  • Scan resolution of 10 mm in lateral and moving direction
  • Minimized untested areas at plate edges: 10 mm/30 mm for longitudinal/transversal edges
  • User-friendly electrified vertical and lateral adjustment of the sensor array
  • Gentle placement of sensor array on the plate
  • Sensors for plate surface temperature measurement and for plate edge detection
  • Encoder unit for precise tracking of the distance travelled on the plate
  • Electronics for data acquisition and signal conversion
  • Robust system laptop for data evaluation and analysis
  • Operation via mains or optional lithium-ion battery pack
  • Laser system for indicating areas on the plate and to guarantee full coverage

The mobile system is supplied with user-friendly software to facilitate preparation and operation procedures. The software package provides a simple setup of a semi-automated calibration procedure and a live visualization of the measurement results as the detector moves across the plates.