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Key advantages

  • High resolution inspection and fast scan speed
  • Automated feature detection and evaluation algorithms with feature clustering
  • Modular system design with standard components for body and edge inspection system
  • Automated measurement tools simplify maintenance
  • Customized to customer’s requirements
  • Integrated into the customer’s environment

The Solution

ROSEN designs modular inspection systems for automated ultrasonic testing of heavy plates and strips. Each system is adapted to the respective customer’s specific environment and optimized for different manufacturing processes. There are three basic design variants:

  • The inspection system is positioned over the roller conveyor and checks the plate from above
  • The inspection system is integrated into the roller conveyor and checks the plate from below
  • The plate lies on a deposit table during inspection

ROSEN’s plate inspection systems use conventional ultrasound (UT) with water gap coupling or in an immersion basin. After inspection the automatic evaluation software analyzes the plate according to preselected testing standards.


Technical details

  • Ultrasonic testing requirements as specified in international standards
  • Dead zone ≤1.5 mm
  • Detection sensitivity up to 2 mm FBH
  • Untested zone ≤10 mm (for cut plates with edge inspection unit)
  • Plate width up to 5,400 mm
  • Inspection speed up to 2 m/sec
  • Dynamic range of UT electronics 80 dB