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Key advantages

  • High-resolution inspection and fast scan speed
  • Automated feature detection according to international
  • standards and clients’ in-house standards
  • Evaluation algorithm with feature clustering for automated quality assessments
  • Automated reevaluation of inspection data based on various indications
  • Inspection setup with phased array ultrasonic and/or eddy current array technology
  • Short installation time
  • Industry 4.0 interfaces

The Solution

With RATIS, ROSEN offers an inspection system for the testing of rails in the course of the production process. For this purpose, the test object is mechanically guided on a roller conveyor through the system, in which stationary probes are arranged in different planes around the rail. Depending on the technology used, either surface crack testing by means of eddy current array technology (ETAT) or internal crack testing by means of phased array ultrasound (PAUT) is possible.

The use of phased array ultrasonic probes in a water-filled immersion tank when inspecting rails for internal defects makes it possible to automatically change the system over to new rail profiles within a very short changeover time.

For surface inspection with eddy current arrays, the sensor heads are equipped with ceramic wear layers adapted to the rail profile to inspect for longitudinal, oblique and transverse defects. The ceramics protect the sensors even in direct contact and extend the lifetime of the sensor heads. The sensor heads are mounted on adjustable self-guiding holders, which automatically bring the sensor heads in working position as soon as the rail reaches their position.

Main Design Features

  • Solid steel machine frame designed for the rough environment in the steel industry
  • System design with modular test stations, retractable for maintenance during production
  • Modular system design allows tailored customized solutions
  • Inspection of rail base, web and head
  • Immersion tank with contact-free phased array UT probes for detection of material discontinuities
  • Eddy current array sensor heads for longitudinal, oblique and transversal surface cracks
  • Integrated roller conveyor with driver station for best guiding inside the system
  • ROMIS frontend electronics with ethernet interface
  • Windows-based inspection software for automated data evaluation