key advantages

  • Extension of the asset's lifecycle from 5 to 30 times compared to carbon steel, depending on coating thickness and flow parameters
  • Outstanding corrosion and erosion protection
  • Multiple re-lining and re-using of spools
  • Significantly extended maintenance intervals
  • Immunity to vacuum conditions or cleaning operations due to adhesion between coating and steel substrate
  • Integration of thermal insulation within the line
  • Resistance against cold-wall effect due to good thermal insulation and strong bonding to wall
  • Even and smooth surface for low friction coefficients and reduced pump energy consumption
  • RoCoat™ field joint coupling: approved system for welding-coated pipe joints in the field
  • Suitable for a variety of pipe connections such as flange, pin-in-Box, quick couplings, Victaulic (C), and many more.

The Solution

RoCoat™ protected pipes and fittings are currently used in applications such as hydro transportation lines, slurry lines, water injection pipes, dredging, tailings lines, and power plant piping. RoCoat™ is available for pipe diameters from 4" (DN 100) to 48" (DN 1230) and for pipe lengths from two meters (six feet) and less up to eighteen meters (fifty-nine feet).

In addition to straight spools, ROSEN is able to apply coating on elbows, extension barrels, reducers, T- or Y-pieces and fittings. ROSEN IPS provides a full-value package of all related engineering services, material/pipe acquisition, documentation, packaging, logistics, and on-site assembly.

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