Key advantages

  • Customized design allows integration of the system into existing production line
  • Easy to upgrade for future requirements due to modular design
  • High productivity due to automated inspection process
  • Easy handling thanks to user-friendly hardware and software
  • Quick installation for shortened testing periods

The Solution

Using a modular approach, ROSEN has developed the SCAN-IT testing systems, which can be easily modified to inspect various types of assets. The SCAN-IT inspection solution for solid axles is a three-axis ultrasonic scanner system with a roller station using immersion technology. For loading and unloading, an automated handling system places pre-machined or finished axles into the immersion basin for inspection. The control and data evaluation software automatically positions the probe for scanning in a helical pattern. Potential damages and critical inspection areas can be analyzed and are reported in a test log after inspection.


  • Steel-welded base frame with three orthogonal axles
  • Axle lifting device for dry loading process
  • Inspection of railway axles for inclinations according to international standards (e.g. EN 13261, ISO 5948 and others)
  • Dimensions of test specimens: average of 120 - 200 mm; max. length 2.500 mm
  • Automatic distance control functionality to follow the railway axle contour
  • Optionally available with Phased Array UT probes, testing mechanics and UT probes for permeability test


  • Engineering, customization, installation, commissioning and training at customer’s site
  • Testing mechanics with stainless steel immersion basin
  • Industrial computer with screen and keyboard
  • ROMIS US electronics and UT probes
  • Electrical system with PLC
  • Data evaluation software
  • Installation, commissioning and training at customer’s site