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Key advantages

  • Each sensor equipped with an inclinometer to estimate the exact rotational position
  • Non-invasive (no wall penetration)
  • Complete process control
  • Robust design
  • Up to 24 sensors for exact tracking
  • Increased security
  • Increased uptime and degree of utilization through maintenance intervals based on actual wear
  • Downtime based on facts instead of trends
  • Reliability, measurement-based experience
  • Increased level of information

The Solution

With our resistant pipe coatings made of RoPlasthan®, ROSEN has proved its expertise in the development and manufacturing of polyurethane (PU) to the oilsands and other industries. Operators can now make use of a new PU monitoring system that indicates coating thickness, allowing for full process control and reducing maintenance time and cost to a minimum. A portable outdoor tablet PC visualizes all data onsite to determine the maintenance level of your pipes.

With the ROSEN Wear Monitoring System, measurement can be conducted without penetrating the pipe wall. A single contact point is able to retrieve the data for a pipe’s entire girth. The number of sensors in the coating varies depending on customer requirements and pipeline diameter.