Customer Challenge

A 40" oil pipeline was inspected using two different technologies, 290 features were reported with ERF>1 (ASME B31-G). The Client needed a plan for safe and cost-effective operation.

Scope of Work

Detailed fitness-for-purpose (FFP) and corrosion growth assessment (CGA) studies the FFP took account of historic pipeline operating conditions, the inspection, maintenance records, and available data for both current and future planned operating regimes. THE CGA documented changes between repeat inspections and identified the likely corrosion processes. The estimated safe section and hazard specific corrosion growth rates provided critical input when estimating the remaining safe working life of the defects used to develop timescales for future repairs.


Image Conclusion

ROSEN provided the client with a comprehensive and justifiable long-term plan for repairs and re-inspection. Immediate repairs were reduced from 290 to 35 features. As a result, the client achieved a forty percent reduction of the next five years' repair costs.