key advantages

  • Untethered device allowing for long-distance inspections
  • Water/gas pipeline operators can use this service to investigate features that are not visible through conventional in-line inspection services
  • In combination with high-resolution in-line inspection technologies, it can generate a direct link to the collected data and complete the big picture by providing as much pipeline information as possible
  • Can be combined with ROSEN’s cleaning and inspection services to reduce inspection costs

The Solution

ROSEN’s RoVisual service is an optical technology for visual in-line inspection. It integrates a high-quality camera with built-in lighting into a robust pipeline cleaning tool. The service provides clear, well-lit video footage as it travels down the pipeline, capturing and recording the visual information onboard for subsequent review.

Pipeline operators can use ROSEN’s RoVisual service to investigate for:

  • Pipeline damage, such as dents
  • Cleanliness, such as the degree of dust contamination
  • The condition of pipeline fittings, such as open valves, valve seals and guiding bars
  • The quality of pipeline repairs
  • The presence of water

service options

All aspects, from the inspection request to the final report, are covered with the flexibility to choose from various service options.