Jobs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a part of our lives and a growing part of our business for some time now, and its usage is only increasing. We are continuing to harness the huge potential of combining artificial and human intelligence in decision-making and across our business, and you may be able to support us in this. Find out more about our jobs in data science and artificial intelligence below.
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Data Science

In addition to today's problems, we also look to find solutions for tomorrow's. Our data scientists support us in this in a variety of ways, including designing new methods for data modeling, developing predictive models, or writing complex new algorithms.

By combining mathematics and statistics with machine learning, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and Big Data solutions, we are uncovering previously hidden insights in our data that facilitate our decisions and evolve our own learning.

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From concept to completion

Our teams work on a project from concept to completion, be it full deployment on customer systems in commercial projects or the final stages of an R&D or internal development. Involvement throughout the lifecycle of a project fosters engagement and creates development opportunities for all team members as they work in an agile environment that gives them the autonomy and freedom to innovate.

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Not just scratching the surface

A career with us in our AI teams offers the freedom to focus entirely on machine learning, deep learning, AI development, or other related areas. We do not simply scratch the surface – our ambitions mean we dive in deep.

We understand that working with advanced technologies and methods requires high-spec equipment, software and workspaces. Our work environments provide opportunities for innovation and creativity and ensure that our teams can share ideas openly and flexibly with other departments and colleagues.

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Data Engineering

As our vast data lakes and warehouses continue to grow, our data engineering processes are critical to how we prepare data and what we can do with it. Issues such as organization, access, and retrieval are critical to properly preparing data for the next steps and ensuring efficient processes and workflows. Our Data Engineers are able to work closely with other teams and identify, cleanse, sort, and store huge amounts of data that come from a variety of internal and external sources and in different formats.

Find your new role

If you want to work in a challenging role like this in a supportive team environment, check out the list of our current vacancies below.

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