Field Services Jobs

Our job does not end with the development of new services or the manufacturing of tools and products. We also need colleagues who work closely with our customers on the front line to implement these products and deliver our services. With the highest safety and quality, these colleagues breathe life into what we do and ensure that everything is done to meet and exceed expectations.

Female and male engineer during night shift in factory using a tablet and a laptop.

The highest standards

Standards and regulations across the industries we serve require that all staff working on essential assets are competent and suitably qualified. This, together with the safety culture embedded in our company, means that we provide a safe working environment for all our field employees and give them the opportunity to continuously develop their expertise. 

A ROSEN employee inspects a pipeline in our test facility.

A day in the life...

There is no standard day for our Field Services teams. Once you have successfully completed our bespoke and comprehensive training program, your job can take you anywhere, anytime, with any of your colleagues and to any of our customers.

Your knowledge of our technologies and the industrial assets you work on, as well as your understanding of health and safety on site and your ability to communicate clearly with customers and colleagues, will be needed on every trip you take with us. Each trip you take will enhance your development and experience and prepare you for progression along our structured career pathway.

Find your new role

If different work environments, learning new skills, travelling, and working outdoors with a range of colleagues is what you want your career to look like, then our Field Services jobs are for you.

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A man on site next to an in-line inspection tool.

Meet Travis

Get to know Travis, one of our Level 2 Field Technicians, and learn what he values about ROSEN.
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