More than 40 Years of Innovation and Technology

Since its beginnings, the ROSEN Group has been an independent, privately owned company with a strong commitment to its employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society. When Hermann Rosen founded the company in 1981, he shaped it over more than four decades and developed the company philosophy from his guiding principle: "Empowered by technology".

Over the many years we have remained true to our promise to offer the most innovative technology solutions for our markets. This has taken us on an exciting and successful journey.

2020 - going forward


The beginning of the next chapter: we deliver a large range of new solutions for a wide variety of industries to enable intelligent decisions for a sustainable future. Agility and collaboration are taken to a new level through transformative technologies and by living the corporation mindset. 


Inauguration of the expanded testing facility with hydrogen testing capabilities in Lingen.


Expansion of the fully automated CNC milling plant at Lingen.

Group of business people sitting together in a meeting room.



In 2010, we made our breakthrough. Having secure technology leadership, we became the market leader as well. We inspected more than two thirds of the pipelines in the oil and gas industries inspected worldwide. But our business had long expanded beyond just pipelines. More than 25 branches all over the world keep us active in more than 110 countries, and we are constantly conquering new markets.


Introduction of the pipe grade and MAOP validation service.


Inauguration of the Innovation Center in Lingen, Germany.


Not only do we offer bidirectional in-line inspection services but we now build up an entire fleet of bidirectionally capable tools.


We carry out our first in-line hard spot detection service.

ROSEN Technology and Research Center in Lingen



At the beginning of the new millennium, our small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) had become a technology group that was active all over the world. We established new branches and were represented throughout the world. We worked hard to develop new methods and improve old ones. We also developed integrity management software and innovative materials. We became a technology leader and our market share increased dramatically.


Low friction MFL-A tools are implemented.


Marks the year multidiameter tools are introduced to our portfolio.


We introduce EMAT crack detection and coating disbondment to the in-line inspection market.


We combine in-line inspection technologies, MFL-A and XT, for the first time.


XYZ mapping tools are added to our portfolio.




The 1990s were a fast-paced decade for us. We challenged the established companies in the pipeline inspection business and continued to increase performance. The results were visible in the global expansion of our small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). We founded our first branches in the United States, Australia and Mexico. By the turn of the millennium, our employee numbers had more than quadrupled.


56" MFL-A tool has its debut run.


Introduction of our first tank bottom inspection tool.

Picture of an outdated TBIT device for tank inspection



1981 marks the birth of the ROSEN Group as we know it today. The small company moved to the building in which founder Hermann Rosen also lived with his family. The adventurers recognized the growing market demand and the technical challenges of services for the oil and gas industry. We became a pipeline inspection company.


Introduction of our first MFL corrosion detection tool.


Our first in-line cleaning tool hits the market.


Birth of the ROSEN Group.

old picture of a workshop place

Before 1981

Explorer - Experimenting with niches

Every good start-up success story starts in a garage. Actually, we started above the garage. Hermann Rosen and a small group of explorers began to test their abilities in the field of electrical engineering in the 1970s. Pipelines were still in the distant future. The small engineering office (H. Rosen Engineering) made trials in a wide variety of areas and gathered valuable experience.

Old black and white picture of a garage.