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Our partners repeatedly face challenges that are specific to this region. We have responded with dedicated service lines. This approach allows us to ensure that specialized technology and expertise is available when you need it. In addition to providing services and expertise for asset integrity management as a whole. ROSEN Canada is equipped for the maintenance, set-up, and reconfiguration of in-line inspection tools, as well as the data analysis of geometry data, magnetic flux leakage, ultrasound, eddy current, and EMAT.

Made for the region 

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First-run success

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Dedicated local employees

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Kilometers of pipeline are inspected annually

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Research with the University of Calgary and University of British Columbia

ROSEN location in Shepard Road, Calgary, Canada.

Tailored to the region

The ROSEN Group serves Canada from its flagship office in Calgary, Alberta. The city serves as the headquarters for many national and international energy companies, making it the ideal location to support operators in the oil and gas business, as well as those other industries. ROSEN Canada Ltd. inspects well over 10,000 km of pipelines each year and is a key provider of services for the Canadian pipeline owners and operators.

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Giving back to the community 

Top technologies keeping people and the environment safe is our top priority. In Canada we have a dedicated committee for organizing initiatives for us to giving back to the community in which we live and work. We invest in companies that share the same philosophy and commitment to acting responsibly and ethically, and to serving the local community. The causes we focus on locally include: environment and wildlife, good health and well-being, and childhood health.

Local leadership

Shawn Peet

Senior Vice President, Business Resourcing

Brian Renaud

Vice President, Business Execution

Shaun Kelly

Vice President, Business Collaboration

Open positions in Canada

A career here is a chance to work with remarkable people, driven by delivering high-quality services with an unparalleled 'win together' mindset. We offer opportunities for a variety of career choices to serve customers across Canada.

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Locations in Canada

ROSEN Canada Ltd., Calgary, AB

ROSEN Canada Ltd. is part of the ROSEN Group and an operating company responsible for servicing clients throughout Canada. It is an independent unit that provides the complete range of ROSEN products and services. ROSEN Canada Ltd. performs operations, support, maintenance and data analysis with local employees trained to group and industry standards.

An additional field office is located in London, Ontario, focusing on preparing services for eastern Canada. In addition, the Edmonton, Alberta, field office is dedicated to delivering cleaning and batching solutions for the Northern Alberta operator base.