Social Responsibility

As a company, we at ROSEN are aware of our responsibility to society. It is our true commitment to help where we can and provide high levels of impact. From charity partnerships to promoting education, we are involved in the communities around us. We believe that a company should connect with and give back to the communities in which it operates. That's why it is a priority for us to get involved in local communities. As such, we actively engage through our collaborations and encourage our own employees to become active and participate in collaborations, be it through charity or sponsorship.

ROSEN sponsors the Ignition Racing Team electric of  the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences e.V.

Enhancing education

Education helps us to understand the world and the people around us. The development and promotion of science and cultural education makes up a significant part of our commitment, we are empowered by technology after all.

We invest in those who strive for academic excellence, while acting responsibly and driving innovation. We work to inspire a passion for technology in children and young people through scholarships, sponsorship awards and science competitions. 

Gründerpreis Nordwest 2021: ROSEN hosted the event in Lingen (Ems) and was part of the award jury

Supporting the community

We support our local communities both by encouraging individuals to take action and as a business. We have targeted specific matters relevant to local communities as well as on promoting healthy activities such as team sports.

Support for children, young people and their families is an enduring focus. We have long-standing partnerships with children's aid organizations and children's health organizations around the world. 

Sponsoring of Terassenfest Osnabrück, 2019Sponsoring of Terrassenfest in Osnabrück, Germany
Sponsoring of volleyball team in GermanySponsoring of a volleyball team in Lingen, Germany
Techniktage -  Insights into our manufacturing areas and vocational training programs – Focal Point: Metal processing and electronicsTechniktage at ROSEN in Lingen, Germany