In-line Inspection Services for Deformation, Geometry and Mapping

RoGeo Service Suite

Pipeline assets are at risk of reduced operational performance, damage and eventual failure because of geometrical deformation. High-resolution in-line inspection (ILI) and mapping of your pipelines can detect, categorize and locate deformation, enabling you to act before minor damage turns into a major shutdown.

You cannot predict geohazards, climate extremes or the actions of third parties that might damage your pipelines. However, you can design and implement a holistic and integrated geometric deformation risk management strategy. This reduces your risk and, as part of a wider integrity management framework, can identify multiple threats to further safeguard your pipeline assets.

Your benefits of our RoGeo Service Suite

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Optimize pipeline uptime and performance

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World’s largest ILI tool fleet ensures high availability

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Enables integrity assessments of onshore and offshore pipelines

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In-line passage analysis and detection of geometric deformation 

Our entry level RoGeo MD in-line inspection solution identifies, sizes and locates geometrical deformation that could negatively impact pipeline integrity, and confirms piggability.

The ILI service tool is equipped with multiple calipers. Its complete circumferential and axial coverage reliably detects dents, buckles, bends and wrinkles and other internal diameter (ID) changes and installations, such as valves, tees, flanges and welds.

RoGeo MD assures your pipeline reliability

  • Prevents deformation-related failure by identifying ID anomalies, even through 1.5D bends
  • A high number of calipers ensure full ID coverage, while bespoke design minimizes lift-off
  • Excellent detection capabilities and sizing performance reliably confirm passage for subsequent in-line inspections
  • Tested to be compliant with common codes, standards and regulations like API
  • Well-proven tools deliver consistent data quality with a first run success rate of 95%


Download our RoGeo MD Service specifications and learn more

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Exceptionally detailed inspections detecting ID threats

Featuring a unique dual sensor combination, our RoGeo XT in-line inspection solution maps the location and details of internal diameter (ID) anomalies to an exceptional level of detail. Mechanical calipers partnered with eddy current proximity sensors provide full circumferential and axial coverage.

Inaccurate assessments are avoided as this sensor combination distinguishes between scale and wax deposits, lift-off and geometric anomalies.

  • Precise stress and strain assessments highlight combined threats
  • Enables the detection of coincident features
  • Retains accuracy under debris or tough conditions

RoGeo XT detects multiple threats to assure your pipeline integrity

  • Industry-leading accuracy and data quality through unique dual sensor technology
  • Minimizes conservatism of integrity assessments based on exceptionally detailed anomaly profiles that uncover ovality, dents, buckles, bending and stress-induced features
  • Quantitatively determines the level of scale, wax and debris to accurately inform or adapt your pipeline cleaning program
  • Operates in liquid and gas pipelines both at high and low medium velocities - Thoroughly tested to be compliant with common codes, standards and regulations
  • Accurate assessments of dents with metal loss in combination with our RoCorr Services
  • Well-proven tools deliver consistent data quality with a first run success rate of 95%


Download our RoGeo XT Service specifications and learn more

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High-resolution mapping providing geolocation data for pipeline routes

Geohazards and seismic events can shift pipelines. Pipeline assets often traverse terrains that are difficult to access and map, or your original route maps may be lost following multiple changes of ownership. RoGeo XYZ is a high-resolution mapping service that meets your GIS and mapping challenges by providing detailed pipeline location data.

A high-end inertial measurement unit (IMU) accurately measures angular changes and accerlerations in the X, Y and Z axes as the tool moves through the pipeline.

  • Produces pipeline routing information when the originals have been lost
  • Accurately identifies pipeline centerlines
  • Delivers data for your in-house GIS

RoGeo XYZ pinpoints your pipeline path for integration into your GIS

  • Identifies pipeline movement by detecting differences between two or more data sets due to land movement such as landslides, heave, subsidence, anchor strikes and sediment falls
  • Gyro inspection enables the coordinates for girth welds and features to be calculated and recorded, and determines the radius of bends
  • Detects buckles and wrinkles when combined with additional in-line inspection sensors
  • Cost-efficient detection of anomalies, as the RoGeo XYZ service can not only be used as a stand-alone service, but can also be combined with all other in-line inspection services
  • IMU data enables bending strain assessments to identify areas of highest stress to the pipeline
  • Creation of depth-of-cover information for pipelines by using centerline information and topographic profiles, such as LiDar or satellite data.


Download our RoGeo XYZ Service specifications and learn more

ROSEN tool on steel stand.

Detecting and locating pipeline drift, associated stress and strain threats through routine inspections

Geohazards, such as seismic events resulting in seabed and ground movements and associated landslips, sediment falls and soil liquefaction, all cause pipeline movement. This, in turn, can cause stresses and strains on the pipelines that threaten performance and integrity.

Our RoGeo PD (Pipe Drift) Service allows for regular, cost-effective inspections of a pipeline that is prone to geo-hazards, and minimizes the impact on pipeline operations.

The corresponding in-line pipeline inspection tool has a robust chassis that incorporates an inertial measurement unit (IMU). It can move at high speeds up to 8m/s and quickly identify pipeline movement, minimizing the operational impact of such an inspection.

The multiple instruments collect both linear and rotational inertial and record time data, which can be analyzed to provide bending strain information.

  • Regularly identify and locate pipeline movement with minimal operational impact
  • Understand resulting pipeline strain and stress profiles
  • Act quickly to take remedial action and prevent performance loss

RoGeo PD can determine if your pipeline has moved after geohazard events

  • Rapid deployment capability to inspect pipeline integrity after major geohazards, such as seismic events and extreme weather, and respond rapidly to prevent or fix pipeline containment loss
  • Understand the impact of pipeline movement on the stress profile to determine if bending strains will cause buckles and resulting performance loss
  • Cost-efficient solution for high frequency of inspections in areas with high geohazard risk; no above-ground markers required

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Collect high-resolution geometry and mapping data to assess susceptibility to third part damage

Detect and manage pipeline movement