Pipeline Reporting Software

NIMA Report

Data from in-line inspections is vital for managing pipeline integrity and reliability. Every operator wants a clear picture of an asset’s condition. NIMA Report presents inspection results simply and intuitively giving easy access to the information needed – wherever and whenever needed. Our reporting software also allows for a combined visualization of multiple inspection datasets.

Your benefits of NIMA Report

Icon: Letter C from which an ultrasonic device picks up waves.

C-Scan in commonly used 2D and 3D formats for the oil and gas industry

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State-of-the-art industrial B-Scans for EMAT and UT technology

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Configurable list with all basic sort, group, format, and export functionalities


Flexible configuration of dig sheets for anomalies and references

Icon: Mouse Click.

On-site installation allows 24/7 access also in case of power/network blackout

Two employees talking and pointing to a large screen with tables and data.

Next level reporting software

NIMA Report displays appropriate measurement data for each inspection result. Line-specific information can be synchronized and displayed simultaneously. Additional datasets (e.g. field verifications, repair areas, etc.) can be integrated to aid integrity management planning. NIMA Report is highly configurable and all views can be optimized to adapt to the needs of an operator. Visualizations of individual sensor measurements in NIMA Report provide users with a deeper insight into the inspection results.