Customized Integrity and Maintenance Processes

NIMA Integrity Management Software

An operator in the Middle East had acquired a pipeline system. Their overall project objective was to ensure high availability, demonstrate compliance with industry standards and follow their own procedures. A key element of good integrity management is to centralize all required datasets. Therefore, in addition to in-line inspection and integrity services, the operator requested the implementation of a comprehensive software solution to support current and future needs in the integrity management of the acquired pipelines, specifically in terms of managing defects and subsequent repair planning.

Our solution

ROSEN's integrity engineering and software specialists implemented the NIMA Integrity Management software in a very secure hosted environment. The implementation included:

  • Customer-specific integrity management processes for Defect Categorization, Repair Planning and Defect Verification.
  • An ESRI Operations Dashboard, combining chart and map views to display and analyze NIMA assessment results and pipeline datasets.
  • The integration and alignment of multiple datasets for nine pipeline sections into an industry-standard data model (Utility & Pipeline Data Model; UPDM) with data quality assurance and control (QA/QC) included.

The operator's engineers received detailed NIMA user training. Furthermore, complete NIMA IM maintenance services will be provided during the subscription period.

Your benefit

The process-based logic and well-structured interactive dashboards that NIMA provides allow quick and reliable assessment and demonstration of pipeline condition.

The operator's overall benefits are:

  • Customized applications that reflect the processes unique to each operator and their particular situation.
  • Establishment of optimized dig-and-repair programs supported by various customized integrity assessment processes (e.g. defect categorization).
  • Web-enabled access from any device from any location - from a desktop in the office to a mobile device in the field.
  • Centralized view via ESRI Operations Dashboard allowing an interactive analysis of all integrity assessment results and asset datasets as a basis for stakeholder communication and secure decision-making.
  • Rapid project delivery and low IT CAPEX investment through the quick and easy setup of the secure hosted NIMA solution.
Chart showing reported metal loss anomalies.Defect Verification and Validation
Chart of various anomaly locations.Repair Planning Dig Sheet